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About Us

Philosophy and Structure

Whitehall Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization. This means two things to you. First, as a member you are an owner with voting rights, not just one of a million customers. Second, because we are not for profit but for service, you will have the profits paid back to you in the form of lower costs for services, lower interest rates on loans, and higher dividends on savings.


The Whitehall Credit Union was founded in 1956 by employees of the Whitehall School system. The Manager from 1956 until 1986 was Bill Shipe, a teacher of Industrial Arts at the High School. The Credit Union started as a Federally Chartered Credit Union with Federal Insurance. In 1976, the Credit Union outgrew their location in the converted high school janitor’s closet and manager’s car trunk and was ready for their own facility. The Federal regulators turned down the Credit Union's request, so the Board of Directors of the Credit Union decided to seek a State Charter. The Credit Union voted to change to a State Charter in 1976. It was then that the Board received the OK to move into the converted Shell gas station at 549 S. Yearling Rd. As Bill Shipe retired in 1986, Bob Hughes was hired to manage the Credit Union. He left in 1989 to manage another Credit Union and Jeff Gardner was hired to continue the position of manager. The Credit Union continued to grow and add services, to the point in 1996 that the Board decided to seek a new location and build a new building. We moved into our current home at 5025 E. Main St. in 1998. It is pictured on our home page.

Safety and Soundness

Credit unions primarily engage in consumer loans and residential real estate lending to their members. Credit union performance is at a historically high level. Currently, credit union capital nationwide is 10.28% and the equity ratio of the federal insurance fund, the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), has operated above 1.25% for 11 consecutive years.

Regulation and Supervision

Whitehall Credit Union was originally chartered under federal law. However, in 1976 the Credit Union changed to a State Charter. We are regulated by both the State of Ohio and by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an independent agency of the U.S. Government. NCUA's three board members are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

State chartered credit unions are regulated by their state credit union department. NCUA administers the federal insurance fund, NCUSIF, which covers all federal credit unions, and most state chartered credit unions. No taxpayer money is used for regulating and overseeing this credit union. All activities of NCUA and the NCUSIF are funded by credit unions.